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Synopsis: 2019 New Romance Movie "Young President and His Contract Wife": Ye, Lin, Yi and Chen are the Four Greatest Families in the city. Chen's Family declined in business, the daughter, Chen Yuhan, was sent to Ye's Family by her father. She just broke up with Lin Jinyu for his unfaithfulness, and sought solace in drink. On the other hand, Young President of Ye's Family, Ye Chenxi, was drugged in bar by the daughter of Yi's Family, Yi Xuanxuan, at that night, as Yi Xuanxuan loves Ye Chenxi from young. Ye Chenxi and Chen Yuhan went to bed together for drunk. Then Chen Yuhan was pregnant after two months. As Ye's Family always has only one son in their nine generations. Ye Chenxi's parents insist on it that Ye Chenxi must marry Chen Yuhan and keep the baby. So under the trick of Han Chenyang, a friend of Chenxi, Ye Chenxi and Chen Yuhan start their contract marriage life...

Studio: Han Yue Film
Producer: Li Yanjie
Director: Jimmy
Writer: Meng Yao
Genres: #Romance #LoveStory

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