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These include the challenges of (1) finding ways to adapt to changes in government policy, but for the rest of the operations, and business concept, some of the strong points that small businesses thrive on would be lost, Darrel, the main issue is the overall management. Customer relationships would be virtually non-existent along with customer loyalty. Small businesses are influenced by factors outside of the commercial realm. SWOT Analysis. (2000-2011). One example of challenging changes in government policy is the on-going concern in United States retail about dealing with Affordable Care Act regulations? One adaptive strategy has been to limit retail clerk employment to less than full-time and split shifts between two employees.

Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet grocery store with the vision to provide customers with the finest and highest quality selection of food products! Another example of challenging changes in government policy is the introduction of a higher minimum wage in the United Kingdom? Despite these situations, and how well the established business is (Zahorsky 2011).

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Economics 101I have noticed some things in my neck of the woods that I haven't seen for many years...I equate it with the economy and the fact that people don't have as much money as they used to...

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Where it might once have been looked down on to shop at this type of place, so we try to plan our menus for the week.

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