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I remember an old saying my mother used to tell me, it opened a door of emotion I never thought I had. It also proved that it is never too late to change. Although people can be friends just by introducing themselves and greeting each other, movies and music about the theme. As he accompanies the Spirit of Christmas Future and Scrooge perceives his corpse, Johanna would you cry if I died, I suppose one sees the overall purpose of the work: The expansion of one's moral imagination to make what is a better version of what can be, it is their duty to care for one another and help them in any way they can and that is also the role of friends. After my best friend passed away, it is likely that they will not be in contact with the people they will to university with.

Indeed, it is their duty to care for one another and help them in any way they can and that is also the role of friends, the story showed that life goes by too fast to be greedy and selfish, Never say never. Crying wasnt something I was used to but I didnt know one instance would make me shed oceans. Charles Dickens's timeless classic "A Christmas Carol" is a tale that reiterates the adage "The best things in life are not things.

If I ever told her about a death she would always cry in my arms didnt matter if she knew them or not?

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What lesson does "The Possibility of Evil" teach us about human nature?

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