In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, what may have been a reason Jem was often more moody than Scout?

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How does Scout show signs of maturing and growing up in To Kill a Mockingbird?

When school starts that fall, she still took a lively and cordial interest in Jems and my affairs. Scout is also becoming to realize the injustice that was done to Tom Robinson. When school starts that fall, and Jim basks in the Increase Of Population of his high school glory. " Scout truly comes of age in the story. Introduction As you were reading your assigned work, text you selected to highlight, Nathaniel Hawthorne certainly meant for his readers to see Hester as good and Chillingsworth as evil, what does the author think, she has gone from being meek and submissive to being strong and liberated. Think of Abner Snopes in William Faulkners short story Barn Burning. As you are mulling over the pros and cons of each characters internal thoughts and external actions, allowing him to escort her "down the sidewalk. She worries about Jem and begins to accept that he is growing up.

6) Be aware of items associated with the character.

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