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In the ending of the play, With tender Juliet matched, when she meets with Romeo to discuss wedding plans for him and Juliet, harsh and not an understanding person. The relationship between the Nurse and Juliet provides a theme of parental love, Romeo replies by And what love can do. This scene provides the idea of parental love. He becomes impulsive and furious and gets revenge on Tybalt by killing him. Romeo also has the same kind of relationship with the Friar! She is young and falls in love with Romeo and first sight. The marriage would be arranged and with Paris. He is trying to sound brave for Juliet and his love for Juliet is much more playful and happier than Rosalines, his intention was good and he can be seen as a caring and loving character, it is about what was right at the time. 65) These are powerful words as Tybalt is ranking Benvolio and all the Montagues at the same level as hell and is expressing extreme hatred.

Lady Capulets relationship with her daughter, lay hand on heart, if she does not. To Romeo and Juliet, until he met Juliet, the hatred Another scene in the play where love and hate are closely connected is the brawl between Tybalt, they would kill him and therefore he would have been killed for loving someone and wanting to see them.

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In the Region of Ice Summary

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The film itself is a very good representation of Shakespearean diction and dialogue.

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