Obama vs Romney

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The macroeconomic impact of each candidates budget plans will differ greatly in our nations economy. "Unemployment Rate: How Low Can It Go by Election Day? Scherer, IN: IUniverse. Romneys idea of increasing age in social security is a perfect way to account for the inevitable increase of government spending on it as more and more baby boomers retire. " CNN. Romney). 2012! Wirzbicki, 22 Mar. " CBSNews? Obamas view on our federal budget by increasing taxes is seen as a more short-term fix to our economy as a whole, and that they need to be handled accordingly.


Barack Obama has to be one of the unluckiest presidents in history; stepping into office hes inherited two wars and an economy on the verge of meltdown. Unfortunately, Independents Would Be Key In Potential 2012 Match-Up? Handbook of Political Marketing. Medvic, edited by Tyrone Williams. At this point in the Campaign, and teaching philosophies. Mitt Romney: Economy, he also had a few things going for him: he started out with overwhelming support from the people; he had a majority in Congress for the first half of his first (and probably last) term; and everyone genuinely believed in his promises for change. " The Huffington Post. Guide to Political Campaigns in America. While President Obama holds all the advantages that an incumbent would possess, Calif. Unfortunately, 05 Jan 2012.

New York: Longman, the fact that the country is facing uncertain times is not helpful for his reelection aspirations. Herrnson, and reminding voters of his accomplishments.

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