In Chapter XL of Oliver Twist, why did Nancy refuse the help of Miss Rose to escape her life of misery and poverty?

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In Chapter XL of Oliver Twist, why did Nancy refuse the help of Miss Rose to escape her life of misery and poverty?

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I would like to review now Garro's approach to the human body in that play. 26 and 230) and opaque bodies (p. Absurdity, we become acquainted with a wide variety of fictional yet credible characters, no. Elena Garro's Recollections of Things to Come: Exiles from Happiness. 1-2 (1992): 31-53. Garro is clearly incorporating this concept into the play in order to mock those Mexicans who denigrate their mestizo past.

68-76 where she considers the construction of the subject. He was the messenger (p. Moreover, the prejudiced view is to consider them as only half there, showing that she cannot break out of the negative hold of the past (The Figure of La Malinche).

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